The problem with conventional wooden roofline products, finishing trims and cladding is their inability to resist the weathering patterns of the great British climate. In general, driving wind and rain, coupled with the cycle of freeze and thaw (typical in the British winter) will crack, degrade, rot and warp most fibrous cellular substances, such as wood. Similarly, with wood boring insects or larvae, external woodwork is always vulnerable.

As well as the superb white and black finishes, we now have a range of woodgrain foils that look and feel just like the real thing. Fortunately that's where the similarity ends. Unlike traditional timber, PVCu doesn't warp, rot, flake or split, but it can be sawn, drilled and shaped as easily as timber - using exactly the same tools.

The product is quick and simple to install, providing a tough finish and requiring little or no maintenance.

PVCu provides a highly cost effective fully integrated solution for both domestic and commercial refurbishment and new-build applications - which will literally last a lifetime.

  Available in White and a range of Woodgrain finishes, shapes and sizes

  Constructed from impact resistant maintenance free high performance cellular PVCu

  Superior designed aesthetically pleasing finish

  Easy to install

  Weather and Pollution resistant

  Fire resistant to Class 1Y to BS476 Pt7 1987 surface spread of flame

  Provides high thermal insulation properties