Energy Rated Windows

Stop money going out of the window

Most of the energy we waste in our homes is unnecessary and easy to avoid. Switching off lights, fixing dripping taps and using energy efficient light bulbs are just a few ways we can all do our bit. Not all windows are the same, for instance fitting windows that contain Pilkington energikare™ is another simple step we can take to reduce the amount of energy we use.

You'll probably know that the amount of energy we waste is directly linked to climate change, and, you'll definitely know how much it costs to heat a home. But you may not be fully aware just how much difference the type of glass used in double glazing can have on the energy efficiency of a home. And not all double glazing is the same. Just by installing Pilkington energiKare™ instead of ordinary double glazing, you will be helping to reduce the amount of energy used, and you'll also be helping to do your bit for the environment.