Beating the burglars is an ongoing battle and householders need to guard against the latest criminal trend sweeping the country.

Home security is facing a new threat thanks to the practices of lock 'bumping' and lock 'snapping'.

These techniques are being used by thieves to break into peoples homes and the effects can be devastating for victims.

As well as losing valuable possessions and the trauma of knowing someone has been sneaking around your home, insurance companies often refuse to pay out because in the absence of any damage to the property. And when it comes to bumping, even the lock doesn't show any signs that it has been tampered with and therefore forced entry cannot be indentified. This can leave innocent people hundreds or thousands of pounds out of pocket and its now time to fight back.

Properties particularly at risk are those containing doors fitted with cylinder mechanisms. A typical UK home has an average of three locks and around 68% of these will be a standard cylinder.
What is Lock Bumping and Snapping?

Lock Bumping

Lock bumping keys are used legitimately by locksmiths and therefore they are legally available. In the hands of thieves they can be used as master keys to open any number of locks quickly and with minor disturbance. Bump keys will open almost any cylinder lock in the country and as around 68% of all homes are fitted with the cylinder locks chances are theives can get into your home.

Lock Snapping

Lock snapping doesn't carry the same mystique as Lock Bumping but it is equally effective. Thieves can break into your home within a matter of seconds by simply applying enough force to the cylinder lock, usually with a pair of mole grips or a claw hammer, and snapping it at its weakest point.

Lock snapping obviously leaves much more evidence of a break-in than lock bumping, but the result is the same; an intruder is able to enter your home.

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Fact Sheet

The Astral S Cylinder is specifically designed to protect Home Owners against the dramatic rise in lock 'bumping and snapping' related crimes.

  Patented laminated steel core with a 'sacrificial snap' - protects from lock snapping

  Core can be seen from both sides providing a visual deterrent

  Special driver profile provides pick protection

  10 pin system provides 1.6 million key differs

  Hardened steel pins and drivers protect from drilling

  'Clutch Cam' allows operation even if the key has been left in the other side

  BKP Bump resistance device fitted as standard

  Cylinder can be fitted without any damage to your door